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Privacy Policy

Please note that privacy policies can vary widely from one company to another, and it's essential to refer to KodMatrix's on this page for their most up-to-date and accurate privacy policy. We at KodMatrix ensure that any collotral provided to us by our client(s) is taken very seriously and it's confidentiality on high prioirty.

Privacy Policy of KodMatrix covers the below things:

1. Introduction:

  • Explanation of the purpose and scope of the privacy policy.

  • Information about the entity responsible for data collection (KodMatrix).

2. Information Collected:

  • Types of information collected (e.g., personal information, non-personal information, usage data).

  • Methods of collection (e.g., directly from users, automatically through website cookies).

3. How Information is Used:

  • Purpose of collecting user data (e.g., to provide services, improve services, marketing).

  • Sharing of information with third parties (if applicable only with client's approval).

4. Data Protection and Security:

  • Measures taken to protect user data from unauthorized access or breaches.

  • Compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

5. Cookies and Tracking:

  • Information about the use of cookies and tracking technologies.

  • How users can manage their cookie preferences.

6. Your Privacy Rights:

  • Explanation of user rights regarding their data (e.g., access, correction, deletion).

  • Contact information for inquiries or requests related to privacy rights.

7. Children's Privacy:

  • Policy regarding the collection of data from children under a certain age (if applicable as per your Country's rules).

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy:

  • Statement about how updates or changes to the policy will be communicated to all existing clients.

9. Contact Information:

  • How users can contact KodMatrix with privacy-related questions or concerns.

10. Applicable Law:

  • The jurisdiction governing the privacy policy.

This is an outline, and the actual privacy policy of KodMatrix may contain additional details and specifics based on their practices and legal obligations. Everything that we have mentioned above will be informed to you while proceeding with any project in the scope document. After your approval to those, we shall move ahead.

Please be informed, KodMatrix follows strict guidelines to make sure any of your data is shared within the company stays within the company and within the respective team which works on it. 

We have NDAs and Contracts signed by our Vendors and suppliers, Internal Team, Stakeholders, Management and more.

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