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Website/WebApp Development
The founders of KodMatrix have been consulting businesses for website and Webapp development for a decade. We suggest the best approach that fits your business and a scalable technology and framework. We are always inclined towards the right solution for our clients and passionately work towards providing the best possible solution that suits their business needs.
  • Custom Website Development

  • E-Commerce Website Development

  • WebApp Development

  • Website Maintenenace and Support

  • Renovating/Redevelopment of Website

Custom Website Development:

We help businesses build a website from scratch. If the website you are looking for is complex and requires tailored development then we are your right choice to discuss the best way to develop a custom website. We understand that for every business the website needs would be partially or fully unique, your dream or idea is not technically bound and hence you would need us to help you accomplish it. We are always open to discussing what suits your idea the best and how you get the most out of this development. 
E-Commerce Development:

Are you planning to bring your business online, allow us to suggest you the best technology which suits your business and budget the best. Every business is unique and requires the right type of website and theme, its all about how it looks to the customer and how easy it is for them to purchase something. We are expert is providing seamless sales experience to your customers on the website. Let's discuss about your business in detail.
WebApp Development:

If you are looking for an application but have limitations on budget and do not want to rely on a brand new development then webapp would fit into your needs. It is a browser based application which would look and work like an app but would be routed through the browser. This has many advantages especially when you do not need a full fledge application and have minor requirement. Understand more about webapp with us.
Renovating and Redevelopment of Website:

If you already have a website and it is not giving you the 'WOW' effect then you have reached the right point in time to reach out to us. We specialize in re-designing, Modifying, and fixing your existing website into a brand-new error-free, smooth, and user-friendly platform. We will advise you on the best solution based on your requirements, vision, and budget for the development. It is not just about building a website, it is about creating a home for your customers.
Website Maintenance and Support:

It is imperative to maintain and update/upgrade a website from time to time. There are many things that you might not have expected would either impact the performance of your website or maybe make it feel older. With the everchanging demand and expectations from your customers, we need to keep the website equipped with the latest trends and updates to stay in the market. Touch base with us for an audit and upgrade suggestion for your business. We are here to ensure your scalability and growth.

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