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Application Development for a Transport Agency (Cab Booking App).



The client is running a well-established transport business like (Uber) in London city. Well, the company name is Vert which has client and driver applications and provides B2B and B2C services.


Problem Statement:

The started off the development with a different development company, client was not satisfied with the final product and service provided by the previous vendor. It had so many bugs in flow (Goole location APIs not implemented correctly and crucial part of the project is Socket which was not working properly), speed issues and app was not market ready. This is when the client contacted us.



When we started this project, First we tested full application with all possible flows, and list out the modules which we can reuse and modules that we needed to develop from the scratch.

  • When we started working on it, We focused on socket development and bug fixes.

  • Then we fixed Google APIs and price predictions from Google.

  • We improved flow of payment which is using Stripe.

  • Then we created many algorithms for price calculator, ride prediction and so on.

  • Now this application is live with 50+ daily active new orders on it.


Client Feedback

Client is very happy and now the product is doing great business and they are focusing on marketing to bring more business client and personal customer.


Resource Allocation:

The client started initially with 1 developer as they had a limited budget and wanted to make sure that new vendor delivered quality results. They Hired a full-time developer(Nodejs, Reactjs, AWS).

- After a while they hired another dedicated Developer (React, HTML, CSS).


Conclustion and Future Potential:

As of now, we have a roadmap of 2 years in development (Creation of another application of a child company, adding AI for suggestion ride and ride experience for better user experience. and so on.), along with that maintenance of the current production application is also taken care by us.

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