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Company Field Service Management
(Operations Management App)


Client is providing the service to the different businesses to maintain their services online without any paperwork and with minimal preparation.

Problem Statement:

They have to do lots of paperwork and manage everything through emails.
- Example: If they got some new jobs then they have to send an email to their employees explaining all the details. If they get a contract for the year and they have to do it twice in a week then they need to send/remind the employee that they need to do the job.



We have provided the client very easy and user-friendly solution by creating a web portal. From where they do not required to write the emails manually and remind the employee. The web portal we have created will do all the things. 
Even users can create periodic tasks so the system will auto-create the taks based on the custom settings provided by the client and notify to the related employee by email and notification. 
  We also provide the Android and IOS applications on which user are notified and see the late changes. 
  We also have added the worklog in the system, so employees can add worklog and we also provide the LIVE tracking of the user route.

Client's Feedback:

The client is very happy with the system. They are saying now it is saving almost 70% of our time which we were wasting without a system. As the employees need to comes to the office and then need to go for the job at another venue. But as we are providing live tracking and job directly to the mobile. Now employees do not need to drive office instead they can directly drive to the job assigned.


Resource Allocation:
- There are 7 team members in this project.
  - 2 Web Developer
  - 2 App Developers (1 for Android and 1 for the Ios)
  - 1 Tester
  - 1 Project Manager
- 1 Code reviewer to maintain the code standard

Conclusion and Future Scope:

The project is ongoing. Now client wants everything to be handled through the system that we had provided. Client want invoices to be generated by the system and directly sent to their end clients.
They want work delivery journals as well as statements of works to be implemented
They have planned to add a full equipment management system to the system. They can add which equipment they had used while doing their jobs.

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