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Meet the Minds Behind KodMatrix
KodMatrix believes in Client Satisfaction and what is good for a business partner. We step into our client's shoes to understand and suggest to them the best approach.

It is very important for our business partners, clients, and customers to know the team with which they are in communication. With over a decade of experience in Information and Technology customer and project management, In this section, we will introduce you to the minds behind KodMatrix and how it came into existence.
Team KodMatrix
Vatsal Trivedi
CEO, Founder
Maulik M S
Sr. Project Manager
Ujjwal Sikriwal
Kamlesh Modi 
Business Advisor
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Jamelle Eugene
Stratergic Consultant - USA
Ajay K
Project Manager
Ravi D
FullStack Developer
Priyansh Bhavsar 
Finanace Manager
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Where Everyone Matters

Learn More about the Founders:

Meet the people who founded KodMatrix.

Vatsal Trivedi : CEO and Founder
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About Vatsal:

Vatsal has been working in the Information and Technology industry for a decade now. He holds expertise in working on huge deals and nurturing startups. Vatsal prioritizes the perfection and quality of each project on which he works. He sees every client as a friend who holds high hopes for him and he never lets them down.
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Skills: Deal Closure, Consultation, Project Management, Agile Development Expert, Event Management, good hands-on big deals, Offshore connections, retention and more.

Favorite Food for meetings: Pizza

Favorite Topics: Cricket, Innovation, Traveling, startups, etc
Journey to KodMatrix
Success is not a one-shot thing, it takes a lot of failures and time.
Which started with an ambitious Startup back in 2014 and ended up as a failed startup but an important lesson was learned. They say that a person who has failed knows what not to do. Later Vatsal started his IT consultant journey with an IT company. He learned a lot and made good connections. He visited Germany to attend Ce-BIT for the purpose of Increasing his overseas network and learning more about the European market. After that, the Corporate Journey continued until he realized that he could only work in a small company that if flexible and can work for the client rather than following policies and processes. Hence he visited GITEX Dubai 2023 to make well-needed tieups and collabs for launching his own venture which prioritizes clients, people, and moral values above anything else. KodMatrix was formed in November 2023 and was registered in December 2023.
Founded KodMatrix
Visited GITEX 2023
Worked in IT companies
Visited Germany for CeBIT-18
Started his First Startup
Completed Graduation
Founded KodMatrix
Visited GITEX 2023(Dubai)
Worked in IT companies
Received Recognition for Startup.
Started his First Startup
Completed Graduation
Ujjwal S
Ujjwal Sikriwal : Founder
About Ujjwal:
Its been a decade for him to be working in sales of service and product of information and technology. Ujjwal possesses experience of product launching, goto market strategies and consultation. He aims for customer satisfaction over other parameters, his repo building and communication is of peak priority.


Skills: Deal Closure, Consultation, Project Management, Product Launch Expert, Event Management, Retention, Customer Support and more.

Favorite Food for meetings: Chinese and Pizza

Favorite Topics: Video Games, Innovations, Movies, Traveling, Food, etc
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Journey to KodMatrix
There's a path which I do not know but there is a destination which I am sure of.

Ujjwal started his journey back in 2016 with his innovative startup. A boot-strapped startup that was into security and technology sector, for which he received awards and recognition. This startup was registered in startup India and was awarded as an First Acceptable startup by GTU in 2017. Later on Ujjwal began his Corporate journey to learn the IT world in more detail. In this phase he focused of client and project management, in the meantime he Visited Gitex to gather information about AI, ML and emerging technologies in the new world to get a steady platform to launch another venture.
Ujjwal aims towards a seamless user journey while working with Kodmatrix and delivering what is best for the client's business.

Meeting the right teams.

Gitex Google Meetup
Meeting No Code App Team
Strengthning Bonds
AI implementation in Desingning
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Dicussion about AI in ERPs
Discussing about ERP industry
Meeting Potential Clients over Dinner
Learn More About KodMatrix
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