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A Great Story - UnderDevelopment


At KodMatrix, we are a team of IT Development experts, with over a decade of experience in the field. Our goal is to equip our clients with the latest technology resources and keep them updated with every changing IT trend. Our clients' success is our top priority and we work diligently to ensure our services help them reach their business goals in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


We start with you. We attempt to understand your business, your needs, your ambitions, and how we can support you in achieving those goals during our initial encounter with you.
We then debate the project's structure. To ensure your success, we create a project plan that details the project's scope, flow, and deliverables.
The skilled designers on our team begin creating a mock-up of your idea. After receiving your insightful comments, we submit it for your review and incorporate it into the product design to meet your objectives.
The approved designs and the site specification are then used by our skilled app developers, who employ the most recent technology. The developer makes sure the features are operationally sound.
Before releasing your app online, we first show it to you in a secure development environment. Knowing that the launch of your product will go well allows you to unwind.

How We Work!!

We provide Various working models which will help our clients to choose the best approach for their project.

Hire a Developer or a Team:

If you know what you need and you think that hiring a remote developer would fulfill your need, then this option fits right for you.

There is no hassle in onboarding a new team member, it is the right-to-business approach. We maintain proper communication between our clients and developers to ensure smooth working. You will always get our guidance on how you can improve your business.



Fixed Cost Model: Consult for a Project:

You have a plan or Idea about building something new for your business. We are not just an IT consultant company, we hear you and advise the best approach after considering all of your parameters. We construct a plan for you which incorporates your wise financial investment. We are passionate about how we can help you grow your business. We always aim for a long term relationship.

Get a Direct Quote with fixed timeline and post development support. This model guaranteed your project completion with a fixed requirement, delivered to you after proper testing. We make sure that we both go through all the points listed in the scope in order to ensure we cover all important parts of your project.

Time and Material: As and When Needed!

If you are not sure about how much development you would be needing, if you are not sure if you can give time to this project, if you are not sure whether you will have enough work for us in short time, so basically if you have work but you do not have a fixed time to get it executed. In that case, we will provide you time and material option, which means that you can get necessary development done as and when you require it. If you get a lot of work in one day or you do not have work for months, we will be there for you.


Get a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Wireframe

If you are just starting up a business or planning to make a change in your existing solution however you are not sure whether it would be the right decision. In such cases we will recommend you an MVP, while investing a very less amount you can make a proof of concept which would have a minimum viability to show what you wish to see in the solution after development. This would not be 100% complete solution and may not be functional as well however it will give you an idea whether this is worth proceeding or maybe to show it to your team or investors while moving ahead.

What We Offer?


Quality Code


Business Scalabity Suggestions




Privacy And Security Guidelines


Detailed Scope Creation (Fixed Project)


Seamless Project Execution


NDA and Contract


IP Rights and Ownership

Meet the Minds Behind KodMatrix
KodMatrix believes in Client Satisfaction and what is good for a business partner. We step into our client's shoes to understand and suggest to them the best approach.

It is very important for our business partners, clients, and customers to know the team with which they are in communication. With over a decade of experience in Information and Technology customer and project management, In this section, we will introduce you to the minds behind KodMatrix and how it came into existence.

Get the exact time and cost estimation of your project.

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